Real-Money Gambling Hits UK Mobile Devices With Big Fish Casino

Big Fish Games has launched the first real-money gambling game in the United Kingdom through a partnership with Betable. The Big Fish Casino U.K. app lets players gamble for fun or make best with real cash via a new slot machine title. The game uses technology from Betable, a company hoping to take advantage of even more social mobile games in the future by enabling online gambling options.

Betable handles verifying who a user is and determines if that player is old enough to make real-money bets. The technology also supposedly checks to see if the player is in the right location for legal gambling, and it executes the round to determine whether a player won or lost a bet. The game is the first in a series of Betable-enabled games that Big Fish plans on launching. The game is available in the Apple App Store in the United Kingdom and runs on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

"Real-­money betting is just one more way we are enhancing the Big Fish Casino game play experience," said Carey DiJulio, the general manager of Big Fish Casino. "With the launch of Big Fish Casino U.K., real-money players in the United Kingdom can join our other Big Fish Casino players in the social aspects and thrill of casino gaming from their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch — anywhere they happen to be."

You can learn more about the game here.

Source: GamesBeat

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