Kickstarter Officially Launches in the UK

October 31, 2012 -

Kickstarter has officially opened up its doors to those in the United Kingdom who want to get in on the business of crowd funding projects. The UK version of the services "kicks off" with 200 projects. Kickstarter hopes that it will be as successful in the UK as it has been in the United States where more than 75,000 projects have launched and $343 million has successfully been raised to date. Kickstarter cofounder Yancey Strickler told the BBC today that this is just a first step in bringing Kickstarter to other countries with a larger international rollout of the service being the long-term goal.

There's not much difference between the UK and U.S. site beyond the use of the UK pound and a different payment processor- in the U.S. they use Amazon. Kickstarter charges the same fee for UK projects that are successfully funded - five percent.

You can check out the new UK specific site here.

Source: GIGA OM


Re: Kickstarter Officially Launches in the UK

Meh. I don't like Kickstarter after they overacted over the Tentacle Bento card game.

Which BTW i got in the post last week (Soda Pop switched to funding it via there own website), and it is awesome.

Re: Kickstarter Officially Launches in the UK

Huh, didn't even hear about that one.


Andrew Eisen

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