Whack a Candidate: Election’ 12 Released

A new game for Android devices called Whack a Candidate: Election' 12 charges you with suppressing the vote of the political party you don't like by whacking them in the face with the "Hammer of Justice." The game is much like whack-a-mole but the field is a map of the United States. When a candidate or their vice-presidential running mate pops up on the map you whack them with a hammer to stop them from scoring votes in a given state.

If you don't like Democrats you can lambaste President Barack Obama and Vice-President Biden to keep their votes low, or if you think Republicans suck you can smash Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan around the map to keep them from scoring votes in whatever states they pop up in.

You can find out more about Whack a Candidate: Election' 12 on Google Play. The game is free and is developed by worthundel.com, who also created the Android game Road to the Presidency

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