SCE France Print Ad Uses Breasts to Promote PS Vita Touch Screens

A new print ad from Sony Computer Entertainment France is getting some attention for pushing the boundaries of sexism to promote the company's PS Vita hand-held. The ad (pictured left and courtesy of MCV) shows a female body with four breasts and compares those four breasts to the PS Vita's front and rear touch screens.

The tagline for the ad is "Touch both sides, twice the sensations."

Some are chalking the ad up to what is acceptable in French advertising and cultural standards.

In fact a Sony UK representative told MCV this morning that this particular ad is not something that would be considered for the UK market and that each European territory has a certain amount of flexibility in the way they handle their marketing.

Still, as the industry matures and realizes that sexism is a problem ads like this don't really help to move forward…

Source: Kotaku by way of MCV


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