Slant Six Games CFO Blames Lack of Government Support for Vancouver Game Industry Decline

A prominent executive officer at Vancouver-based game developer Slant Six Games says that the Vancouver video game industry in danger of dramatically declining because of the lack of support from the government of British Columbia. CFO Lance Davis blames a lack of investment from the regional government since 2008. He also claims that this lack of support has led to 14,000 job cuts at various game studios in Vancouver. In June of this year Slant Six cut a quarter of its workforce temporarily.

"We feel that the B.C. video game industry has come under threat recently, and it is in a bit of peril," Davis told CTV British Columbia.

Lee Steg agrees. Steg used to work at Vancouver studios like Propaganda Games and Radical Entertainment, but eventually left the region to work in the U.S. Currently he works as a lead UI artist at Microsoft's kids and lifestyle entertainment studio in Washington. "There's no way to get a lead position or a management position because they're just too small, and the bigger studios are the ones that give you those opportunities," he said.

Bill Bennett, B.C.'s minister of community, sport, and cultural development, said that the province has to balance investment with a tightening budget for the region.

"I'm not saying that we won't level the playing field," said Bennett. "It's not an easy decision at a time when the province is trying to balance its budget. Apparently Quebec and Ontario don't worry as much about that."

Source: GII

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