Easy Mode Gets Easier in Upcoming XCOM: Enemy Unknown Update

Apparently some XCOM: Enemy Unknown players have declared to 2K Games' Firaxis that easy mode isn't all that easy and that they wouldn't mind something done about it. Firaxis has listened to the community (as detailed in this forum thread) and plans to tone things down a bit with a second patch – release date to be determined.

Besides making the game a lot easier in easy mode across all platforms, the patch will deal with a number of other issues that have cropped up:


  • Abductor roof visibility problems resolved
  • Interception game hang issues resolved
  • SHIV inaccessible issues resolved
  • AI Alien Activity Hang resolution
  • Multiplayer connectivity optimization
  • TempleShip optimization: All Soldiers properly spawn when restarting the mission after clearing the second room of TempleShip
  • Snapshot penalty should no longer apply when Overwatching without first moving.
  • Easy Difficulty is now easier.


While 2K has acknowledged an odd bug in the game that gives players the defeat screen after they successfully beat the campaign, this next patch won't deal with the problem. Apparently they need a bit more time to figure out what the heck is going on. From the forum thread:

"Firaxis is currently aware and researching this issue. We got a couple save files (thanks to you guys) on Oct 22nd that they're looking at. I'll let you guys know as soon as I hear anything about it."

2K games has not revealed when they will release the second patch, but when we know we'll let you know…

Source: C&VG

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    Craig R. says:

    While I still enjoy those challenging games, I must admit I'd rather a game be easy so I can play more games with the time I get to play them, rather than spending a lot more time on a single, harder game.

    If only I didn't have to work for a living. :)

  2. 0
    Hevach says:

    Same story, same wrong-on-their-face arguments again.

    Fact is, it's not "the kiddies" or "gamers these days" that are the big driver of the easy mode. It IS the old school gamers. The ones who once had the time but not the money and were happy to spend months grinding out one game, who now have the money to play the games they want but not the time to grind them out.

    The young kids who spend 8 hours playing Halo on a school night? They're not just obnoxious brats, many of them are actually good enough to back it up, because they have the endless time to invest but not the $60 pricetag, and probably play a single game almost exclusively at any given time.

    The ones driving the prevalence of the easy mode are doing so on the argument that they have a "life" – arguments strongly indicating that "life" means "job and sex" – and they've earned their relaxing romp of destruction to blow off some steam for a few hours on the weekends while the kids are dumped on their grandparents and the wife is out shoe shopping or something, dagnabbit.

    The average gamer is working age with responsibilities and inconveniences like work and spouses and children. These gamers also spend way more money than the kids, but also spend less time, giving a major incentive to get them through games in time for the next release.

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    ZippyDSMlee says:

    Thats one of the main problems with modern gamers, they can not stand depth and difficulty. Mostly comes from noobs not knowing any better and older gamers with no time.


    Mine you depth is more effort than the average now being put into a product, sadly no one has the time for it and consumers are wanting less and less. ><

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    black manta says:

    Once again, we have modern gamers complaining that a game is too hard.  As an old school X-Com player, I remember that was inherent to the challenge of the game.  Of course it was hard!  That was part of the point!

    For that matter, a lot of the games of that era were hard.  But I didn't mind that.  Part of the challenge was to find the right strategy that worked.

    Nowadays, though it seems any game that is in the least way challenging gets watered-down or neutered.  Everyone wants things easy.  I chalk this up as being a by-product of the "everybody's a winner" culture that started in grade schools decades ago.

    While I'm glad Firaxis is making much-needed bug fixes, I'm disappointed they didn't stick to their guns and maintain the difficulty that the original X-Com was known for.  Otherwise, it's still a great game.

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    Ivresse says:

    To be fair, it is only Easy mode that is getting easier, not the Normal or the other difficulties. If you want the challenge, you go for those modes, if you just want to see the full story before you end up getting bored with the game, go for the easy mode.

    Original Xcom's easy mode wasn't that hard anyway, if you knew the research pathways and weren't screwed over by RNG giving you a lack of UFOs to deal with (not to mention saving at the beginning of each turn and then reloading the game whenever one of your squad died), then it was still pretty simple. And to be fair, it has been several years since 1994 and I'd like to think we've gotten a bit better at video games with 18 years of practice since then…

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