Play Halo 4, Get Rewards From American Express

American Express and Xbox have teamed up to offer "automatic real-time rewards" for playing Halo 4, according to this GamesBeat report. Players will be able to play Halo 4, complete levels and win rewards like cash back, coupons, and – if they are extra lucky – a trip to the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. The latter prize might be handy because you won't be able to watch stellar coverage of the event via G4 TV next year. Just saying.. The first 30 gamers to complete the game in the U.S. and UK will win that free trip to E3.

"The cool part is that you’re playing the game as you normally would … and unlocking huge value," American Express SVP Leslie Berland told GamesBeat.

The Halo 4 promotion is meant to highlight the company's new "Card Sync technology." By connecting your American Express card to your Xbox identity, gamers can earn coupons and cash rewards in the form of credits on your card.

"Card Sync ties your credit card account to your third-party digital identity,” American Express head of product Dave Wolf said. “No data is shared, but the identities are matched."

Some of the rewards you can get via this promotion are easy, but others are a bit more challenging. The easiest to get will be the $50 off at Best Buy reward; you can earn that by completing a Spartan Ops mission on any difficulty. The $25 reward from American Express will require completion of the "Wake Up John" level on normal or harder difficulty, and the E3 trip requires players to beat the game on Legendary Difficulty.

The demo video to your left shows off how all this works.

Source: GamesBeat


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