‘Experts’ Weigh in on Interactive Games and Entertainment Association Australian Survey About Games

Seizing on a new national survey in Australia, two "experts" have used it as an opportunity to warn parents of the dangers of video gaming. A survey conducted by the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association with the help of Bond University, found that right around 95 percent of boys between the ages of 6 and 15 described themselves as gamers. The survey of more than 1200 Australian households also found that the most popular genres among this age group were first-person shooters, action and fighting games and role-playing games.

As detailed by the Australian publication Adelaide Now, two experts say that these children's development is as risk.

Australian Council on Children and the Media CEO Barbara Biggins says that parents needed to recognize the dangers of gaming for children.

"Children who are constantly exposed to violent media it raises their risks that they will choose to use aggression themselves when put in a conflict situation," she said. "The games reward them for being best at the violence – that's not a good message for kids."

Biggins goes on to say that parents needed to "monitor their children" and educate them on the fact that violence found in video games is not acceptable in "real life."

UniSA Health Sciences Professor Tim Olds also offered his take on the survey data and data he collated from "numerous national surveys on gaming in the past six years." He claims that boys ages 11 – 14 spend right around 80 minutes each day playing video games.

"We know that no matter how much physical activity a child gets, their risks of being overweight increase (with) the more time they spend sitting," he said.

Source: Adelaide Now

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