GamesAid Christmas Concert Set For December 19

Members of the video game industry in the United Kingdom are teaming up with UK charity GamesAid to put together a Christmas concert that will raise money for charity. A choir comprised of 24 men and women from across the industry including OBEs, CEOs, Managing Directors, PR, sales people and marketers has been formed and is practicing for its very first event on December 19 at St. Stephen's, Rosslyn Hill in London. Tickets cost £20 for adults and £10 for children under the age of 16. The industry choir is the brainchild of Ian Chambers, IGN’s VP and Managing Director, International. He'll be conducting the event.

The GamesAid Christmas Concert is also being sponsored by Ubisoft, EA, SEGA, Mastertronic, OnLive and IGN. You can find out about tickets here.

So who are these 24 women and men in the choir? They are IGN's Ian Chambers and Rich Keen; Andy Payne from Mastertronic; Kirsty Payne from Rocket Media; Eidos President for Life Ian Livingstone; Keith Ramsdale from EA; Sega's John Clark, Amanda Farr, and Peter Oliver; Bruce Grove from OnLive; Ubisoft's Ombeline Wallon, Chris Marcus, Rob Cooper, and Alan Dykes; UKIE president Jo Twist; Katie Brooks from Bethesda; Becca Roberts from Indigo Pearl; localization consultant Sophie Cristobal; PR consultant Charlotte Simmons; Emily Britt from Square Enix; Tracey McGarrigan from Sci Fi London; Phil Brannelly from Thumbstar Games; Harry Holmwood from Marvelous; and Paul Marcantonio from ClickandBuy

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