Fox News: Halo 4 May Keep Voters at Home

Election Day is finally upon us and you know what that means!

Yep, Halo 4 is now available at retail!  Of course, as a Nintendo fanboy, I don’t give a toss but some people are excited.  So excited in fact that Fox News suggests some may forego the polls and instead elect to stay home and play Master Chief’s latest adventure.

The evidence?  Halo 4 came out today.

Yeah, that’s it.

"The idiots who can't get a date and look at the women's breasts in the games will definitely find Halo 4 more interesting than something that requires thinking," gaming analyst Jon Peddie told Fox News, estimating that 10 to 15 percent of “the kids of voting age” can’t be bothered to vote.  "The majority of young adults, especially the ones voting for the first time, will go to the polls."

Gamer and public relations manager Mark LoCastro reveals that he won’t be voting this year but his decision has nothing to do with the game.  He estimates that only 40% of the folks he games with will be hitting the polls today.

For its part, Microsoft says Halo 4’s release shouldn’t prevent anyone from voting.

"Halo 4 has supported a get-out-the-vote campaign for several months that began with voter recruitment efforts at major consumer events like New York Comic-Con, as well as a voter registration program on Xbox LIVE," said a spokesperson for Microsoft and Halo 4 developer 343 Industries.  "Microsoft also partnered with Rock the Vote to encourage and facilitate voter registration. We’re continuing the message at major launch events this evening and more than 100 college campuses nationwide."

At the end of the day, even Fox News admits that there’s no hard data to support the suggestion that non-voting Halo fans would have done anything different had the game been released on another day.

Besides, everyone knows it’s really today’s Xbox 360 release of Mass Effect Trilogy that’s stopping gamers from hitting the polls.

Source: Fox News

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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    Hevach says:

    They're not so much stuck in the past as they are stuck in the narrative, and the narrative they want is that the election is close, but everything is leaning Romney. Despite this election being called fairly early (some reliable experts were calling it by 9:30 Easetern, first major networks gave it to Obama by 10:45, all of them by 11:15).

    Every network was trying to keep the horse race alive, but Fox took special pains on the matter, still trying to call states open for hours after other networks, and at one point even after their own back-room experts had called them the on air talent still tried to keep it too close to call for another two hours. And to keep it alive, they need reasons why the expectations are distorted. Reasons why people won't be to the polls.

    And most of those reasons sound like a stretch on their own. So you need to explain why they aren't. And that's where you come to the problem. For the hurricane to have the impact predicted, everyone needed to be doing their own repairs that will take all day and can't possibly take a break. All urban minorities in Michigan have to be deathly afraid of checkboxes. All Spanish speakers have to be furniture chewingly stupid to not catch the November 6/November 9 discrepancy in certain states' mailers. All gamers need to have no opportunity to see boobs ever and at the peak of their sexual frustrations from 7 AM to 8 PM on the very same day and be so easily satisfied that Halo 4 does it, but not so easily satisfied that they're still glued to the screen twenty hours after a midnight launch. One of the more specific stretches of imagination, but honestly not much less stupid than suggesting that because there's no electricity at home you'll just skip voting and stay home in the dark.

    That's not being stuck in the past. You could argue it's being stuck in a delusion, but I don't think that even covers it, because even MSNBC was doing this shit, and most of their on air talent was living their dream last night. Their experts were the last ones to call Ohio and in turn the election, and their talent was second to last before Fox, but they still kept on the, "Well, it's well and truly over but well see theoretically this and this could happen and it's not over yet! Stay tuned to more silly banter after these very expensive commercial timeslots!" Even when they couldn't do that anymore, they basically switched over to, "Haha, Fox's talent still won't call it, let's talk about that for two hours STAY TUNED ANYONE'S GAME YET!"

    The only thing that really captures the totality of what happened on TV last night (and for that matter, every election night) is that no matter how clear the results are, they'll always delay the call as late as humanly possible because nobody will watch their coverage for four hours if it's a landslide, but they won't turn it off as long as it's a nailbiter. Every poll and every result could point to a 538 landslide and 95% popular vote and they still won't call it until probably about 10 PM when Texas closes and it's looking something like 432 to 0.

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    djnforce9 says:

    That article sure made me laugh. Not only does FOX News make claims with little to no evidence to back it up but then they quote someone who has a very outdated mental image of gamers. Kind of ironic for a "news" corporation to be stuck in the past. Also, I bet it would come as a surprise to them that some gamers are actually female too so I doubt they'd "look at the women's breasts in the games".

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    Mr.Tastix says:

    Ah, good old FOX News.

    It's okay to bash gamers and call us idiots based on conjecture but apparently, if you do that to anyone else, it's discrimination!

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