Introducing High Stakes Politics

In case you didn't hear about it earlier this month, High Stakes Politics has been released and is available on Android, Kindle Fire, Barnes and Noble Nook, Facebook, Chrome Store, and the mobile web (using an HTML5-capable browser). The creators of the game describe it as the gamification of politics through trivia that uses play mechanics similar to the popular game show "Jeopardy" with some gambling thrown in for good measure.

Topics you might encounter while playing could include the Fiscal Cliff, energy independence, unemployment, and the deficit. The game also gives you a "Knowledge Rating" that is based on how well you answer questions. Your rating grows quickly as you answer more questions at the beginning but slows down the deeper in you go. Finally there's a betting component to the game that allows you to make wagers and grow a pot of winnings. What is unclear – at the moment – is what you can do with those earnings… The game also has an offline and online mode. The benefit to the online mode is that it gives you access to a lot more questions – in offline mode you can play a hundred questions.

Further details on the game mechanics can be found at


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