Xbox 360 Launching in Israel November 21

November 6, 2012 -

The Xbox 360 will finally launch in Israel on Nov. 21, according to an announcement made by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in Tel Aviv. Ballmer was there to promote the new Windows 8 operating system. Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 almost seven years ago in North America, Japan and Europe in 2005 before releasing to the rest of the world between 2006 - 2008. Microsoft made the decision to not release the console in parts of the Middle East. After seven (give or take) years of forcing Israeli citizens to buy the console on the gray market (no doubt at a premium price) Microsoft has decided that it will give consumers there the real deal.

According to a report from Newsgeek (in Hebrew), Microsoft has apparently secured some local partners to support the launch of the Xbox 360 in the country. Newsgeek claims that several different models will be available in Israel including the 4 GB Xbox 360, 4 GB with Kinect, the 250 GB, and the 250 GB with Kinect.

The console will be launching in Israel on November 21.

Source: Polygon



Re: Xbox 360 Launching in Israel November 21

"The console will be launching in Israel on November 2." Oh so it is already out? Nah I knew that was a typo.

Wow, what was MS's decision not to release it sooner and why now? Will they continue to update it for 7 years (give or take) after they cut service from the other countries?



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