Accused of Playing WoW, Colleen Lachowicz Wins Senate Seat Anyway

Despite being an avid World of Warcraft player and someone who likes to use slightly colorful language to talk about it on her blog, Colleen Lachowicz (D-ME) still handily trounced Republican Sen. Thomas Martin, earning her a shiny new Senate seat.

Last month, the Maine GOP ran a pretty silly smear campaign to an attempt to convince voters that Lachowicz's gaming habits and blog comments rendered her unfit for office.

"We think anyone making comments about drowning Grover Norquist and stabbing things shows a shocking level of immaturity and poor judgment that voters should know about," Maine GOP party spokesman David Sorenson said. "Certainly the fact that she spends so much time on a video game says something about her work ethic and, again, her immaturity."

Responding to the attack, Lachowicz said, "I regret that some things I said before I knew I was running for office could be misconstrued and offended some people."  She went on to explain that most of her comments were taken out of context and several years old.  Indeed, the "drowning Grover Norquist" comment was taken from a seven-year-old post about tax policy.

At the end of the day, voters didn't seem to mind that Lachowicz plays games just like 183 million other Americans.

Source: Mashable

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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