Tiga Launches Questionnaire Asking Developers About Copyright and Game Cloning

A questionnaire aimed at developers about their opinions on the issue of copyright and game cloning has been launched by UK game industry trade body Tiga. The survey, located here, offers participants 15 questions on a variety of subjects including whether business has suffered from game cloning, questions about IP ownership, some on licensing and copyright enforcement.

"The game industry is changing at a rapid rate but the issue of copyright remains important," said Tiga CEO Richard Wilson. "In particular, IP ownership can be crucial to building a sustainable games business. I hope that all developers and digital publishers will complete the Tiga survey on copyright issues so that Tiga can represent the industry’s views effectively on this important subject."

Game cloning and copyright issues are bigger issues on iOS and Android devices where it is fairly easy for an unscrupulous developer or company to create a knock-off program or game that trades in on confusing the consumer or using very similar gameplay mechanics.

Source: Develop

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    DorkmasterFlek says:

    I'm just going to link to David Sirlin's piece on Penny Arcade a while back on the subject of game cloning, because I agree with pretty much everything he says.


    I'd go further and say that even the blatant "bad" kind of cloning he mentions, where it is literally the same game with different art, shouldn't actually be illegal.  Once you start trying to draw a line where mechanics become illegal, it's a very slippery slope.  The chances of legitimate game design advancement getting stifled because of legal bullshit is too great a risk IMO.

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