Blizzard Faces Class Action Over Security

Two gamers have filed a class action against Blizzard Entertainment last week on behalf of account holders, accusing the company of failing to properly secure players' personal information and requiring them to purchase a Authenticator "in order to have even minimal protection for their sensitive personal, private, and financial data."

The suit claims that the World of Warcraft and Diablo III maker "negligently, deliberately, and/or recklessly" failed to safeguard player information, which has been the target of repeated security breaches.

It goes on to allege that Blizzard engaged in fraud and "unjust enrichment: for requiring players to set up a account (in the process giving their personal and financial data) to play Blizzard's games, and then promoted their Authenticator as the best way to ensure adequate security. The Authenticator cost $6.50 on Blizzard's website, and generates codes that players must enter to log in to an account from a new computer. The suit claims the Mobile Authenticators were compromised in an August security breach, making the physical Authenticator the only real option players have to protect their information.

The plaintiffs are asking for damages, and that Blizzard be prevented from forcing players to create accounts to play its non-MMORPG games like Diablo III. They also ask that Blizzard be prevented "from tacking on additional, undisclosed costs to ensure security in the form of a post-point-of-sale Authenticator."

Source: GII

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