Sony Permanently Bans ‘PS3 Hackers’

Sony has begun taking steps to secure the PlayStation Network to deal with the threat of the PS3 lv0 boot loader key leak and the ability for hacked consoles to play online alongside legitimate users. The company issued a statement revealing that it had begun banning users it found to violate its "'System Software License Agreement for the PlayStation 3 System' and the 'Terms of Services and User Agreement' for the PlayStation Network/Sony Entertainment Network and its Community Code of Conduct provisions." The company said in its statement that this move was to fight against "unauthorized software for the PlayStation 3 system was recently released by hackers." These bans are being described as "permanent" bans.

In addition, for those custom firmware users who have not been banned yet, Sony is offering a way of out of the wilderness:

"To avoid permanent termination, consumers must immediately cease using and delete all unauthorized or pirated software from their PlayStation 3 systems."

Source: Eurogamer

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