Survey Says: UK Consumers ‘Very or Extremely Worried’ About Online Security

nFluence media has released a survey that it commissioned about the concerns of consumers when it comes to online security and privacy related to mobile and broadband usage in the United Kingdom. Before sharing the results, it should be noted that nFluence is in the business of providing software solutions to consumers that allow them to take control of their personal data.

With that said, the survey found that 50 percent of those surveyed felt "very or extremely worried" (eight out of ten or higher respondents) about mobile carriers holding retaining their personal information, including their name, date of birth, home and work addresses, and bank account details. That number jumped to 55 percent when talking about internet service providers.

"The survey asked more than 2,000 respondents representative of the United Kingdom’s population to rate their feelings of concern or security regarding the various types of personal information collected on them by ISPs and Mobile Carriers, with a goal of understanding and ultimately alleviating these concerns through transparency and consumer input," according to nFluence.

"The data not only shows the level of worry about personal information, but also highlights the power of asking consumers for information instead of tracking them without consent," said Henry Lawson, CEO of nFluence. "These results are an encouraging sign as we continue to find new opportunities for our technology."

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