Alloy Digital Acquires The Escapist

November 15, 2012 -

Alloy Digital has completed the acquisition of the popular gaming website, The Escapist from Themis Media. Themis Media was advised on the sale by Redwood Capital and A. Buchholtz & Company, LLC. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

"We are thrilled to have The Escapist join the Alloy Digital Network of properties centering on the core passions of the 12-34 audience, including our most recent success SMOSH Games," said Alloy Digital CEO Matt Diamond. "Themis Media has tapped into a massive market of entertainment and gaming enthusiasts with quality content that both complements our own gaming platforms and immediately expands our connection with this desirable audience."

"Joining forces with Alloy Digital allows The Escapist tremendous opportunities to bring our premium content to an even wider audience and offers significant promotional synergies that will further build upon a brand that has uniquely captured a passionate and dedicated community," added Tom Kurz, Co-Founder and Chairman of Themis Media and The Escapist. "The Escapist also brings longstanding relationships with advertisers that have valued the quality of our content aimed at this core audience," added Kurz, "and we look forward to leveraging Alloy Digital's deep ties to the advertising community in order to expand our offerings."

We wish our friends and colleagues at The Escapist (one of my favorite web sites in the video gaming space) the best of luck and continued success in delivering some of the best game related video and editorial content...


Re: Alloy Digital Acquires The Escapist

Maybe now the content creator can start getting paid.

Re: Alloy Digital Acquires The Escapist

Zero Punctuation is the only reason I some times go there.

Re: Alloy Digital Acquires The Escapist

Just leave the video talent in place, that's the only reason I even still go there.

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