EA CEO Calls for Universal Ratings System

At a gathering of politicians and industry types this week in Washington D.C., Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello said that the industry needs a universal ratings system for games across all conceivable platforms and in all territories around the world. He made his comments to a gathering that included the FCC Commissioner and Chairman, according to a Polygon report.

"We live in an incredible age," EA's John Riccitiello said. "In the past three years the audience for games has grown from roughly 200 million, to over one billion. Virtually everyone on the planet who owns a phone, can play a game. The Supreme Court has given us the same First Amendment rights as authors, musicians and film makers — a set of rights which we cherish."

"But as we are so often told: With great freedom, comes great responsibility," he continued. "To live up to that responsibility, we need to do a better job informing the consumer, no matter the channel, the platform or the geography. We must adopt a self-regulated, global rating system across every format games are played on."

The comments were part of Riccitello's acceptance speech for the Media Institute's annual American Horizon Award given last night in Washington, D.C. That award was presented to him by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski.

Different territories use different ratings system; North America has the ESRB, Europe has PEGI, and other regions have government controlled ratings that rate entertainment content. Similarly many platforms use their own ratings system. While most hand-helds and consoles use the ESRB in the U.S., platforms like Apple's iOS devices, Google's Android platform and Facebook have their own unique ratings systems for content…

Source: Polygon


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