OnLive Pre-Installed on LG G2 Google TVs

LG and OnLive announced this morning that the cloud-based gaming service will be pre-loaded on all LG Smart TVs in its Google TV (G2) lines, with current set owners receiving the app over the air today. The app allows players to stream games on their TV and access save files on PC, Mac or Android devices. It also allows them to play online with other LG TV and compatible device owners.

OnLive app users can also demo games, rent them or purchase them outright from a selection of over 200 titles. The OnLive Wireless Controller can also be purchased separately for use with 80 of the 200 titles available on the service as of this writing.

The LG G2 TV series is available as a 47-inch model for $1,699.99 and 55-inch model for $2,299.99.

Source: Polygon

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