Indie Developer Challenges Conventional Wisdom on Marijuana Laws with New Game Drugbound

Developer Slouch Couch (a one-man studio featuring the talents of indie developer Dave Homan) has created a game that he hopes will raise awareness about marijuana legalization. The game is called Drugbound. Drugbound is an HTML5 developed "endless runner" game where players run away from law enforcement while collecting "medicinal herbs" and avoiding bosses.

Homan wants to use his game to question the illegality of marijuana use in America. In a press release today he explained his position on the issue:

"How I see it, the more that pop culture is imbued with images and messages about marijuana, the more accepted the idea of it will probably be," Homan said. "I want the players of my games to question something they've been taught or told. If someone plays Drugbound a few times and then comes out with, 'Oh hey, the US drug war actually IS racist!' then I figure I'll get my angel wings or something."

The game is set for release sometime this winter. The video to your left will give you a general idea of what this game is all about. The fight to legalize marijuana for casual and medical use saw some victories during this election cycle: Colorado decriminalized the casual use of marijuana, while Massachusetts voters approved a ballot measure allowing for medical marijuana.

Source: Polygon

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