A Stripper’s Take on ‘The Saints’ in Hitman: Absolution

Forbes has a mildly amusing interview with an unnamed stripper to get her opinion on the "Saints" in Hitman: Absolution – those women featured in the Hitman: Absolution trailer that stirred up a lot of controversy earlier this year. Besides revealing the disconnect that the game's developers seem to have when it comes to women who work professionally as strippers (or prostitutes, and Christians), the woman who is being called "Athena" (to protect her identity) says that the whole thing comes off as "violence porn."

"I think it’s an excuse to show violence against women by making them the initiators of violence. It’s as if the makers of this video game are saying, 'Hey, these women asked for it. It’s okay to kill them and beat them up because they’re the ‘dregs of society.' It’s as if [the game is saying] they are subhuman and deserve to die. But that’s not who they are, it’s what they do for a living; stripping is a job, not an identity.

I just think it perpetuates hatred of women, because we all know that women who work as strippers and prostitutes are overwhelmingly victims of violence, not perpetrators of it.

Sociologists have found the number one reason women prostitute themselves is because they’re in poverty and don’t have the resources they need. Stripping and prostituting become a way to survive, and to demonize them for that is profoundly misogynistic. It’s bad enough that they need to do this to survive, but to turn them into the enemy…?

It just looks like violence porn to me, and I’m concerned about the minds of men who would come up with a game like this."

There are some more amusing parts of the interview, like the practicality of wearing a habit or high heels when going into the fight depicted in the trailer many months ago. You can check out that entire interview here.

Source: Forbes

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