Wii U Mandatory Firmware Bricks Consoles That Don’t Finish Update

The massive 1 – 1.5 GB firmware update (see note at the end of this story) that Nintendo decided to deploy on the consoles launch day – Sunday – is proving to be a disaster for Nintendo and for customers who might decided the hour or more wait for it to be applied is just too long. According to several games journalists and this GII story, shutting down the system while the update is being downloaded or stopping (resetting or powering the system down) it bricks the Wii U. In other words, it makes the console no longer work…

"Warning: don't unplug your Wii U during the 2 hour plus software update or the console stops working," said Ben Fritz of the LA Times via Twitter.

Geoff Keighley of GTTV also tweeted about the update: "The Wii U firmware update is apparently about 5 gigs," wrote Keighley. "No wonder it takes about an hour+ to download."

If you have just bought a Wii U make sure you heed the warnings of the community, because apparently there are plenty about the Wii U surfacing this morning….

Update: the 5 GB size of the firmware is being called into question by a number of other sources, and may simply have been a miscommunication by Geoff Keighley. We'll update this story as we have more information. According to this image posted by Nintendo Gamer posted via Twitter, the size of the firmware update comes in some at or above 1 GB…

Source: GII


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