Report: Wii U Upscales Wii Games to Higher Resolution

While there has been a fair share of bad news related to the Wii U's North American launch on Sunday, today we offer a story that is good news for anyone that wants to play some of those older Wii titles on the system: they look better on Wii U. According to the video to your left – pointed out by this NeoGAF forum thread – the Wii U appears to upscale Wii games.

While the games are not displayed in native 1080p, they appear to be cleaner and sharper when played on Wii U. Upscaling stretches video from its lower resolution to a higher resolution while smoothing out what would normally be rough edges with touch-up techniques.

You can check out the video to your left – which shows the effects on the popular Okami game from Capcom – and judge for yourselves.

Source: C&VG

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    SeanB says:

    As many have pointed out on that forum, there is little evidence that the Wii U is actually doing anything.

    It's far likelier that the image is just being transmitted via a 1080p connection via the HDMI, and his TV is motion blurring it. From a technical perspective, this isn't actually any better than what the Wii put's out.

    Placebo effect can be pretty strong. I hope i'm wrong, but Nintendo seems to have been clear that there would be no changes to Wii graphics on the Wii U.

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