Simple Raspberry Pi Game Teaches Beginners Programming

BerryBots 1.0.0 has been released for Raspberry Pi, Linux, and Mac OS X – with a Windows version "coming soon." Developed by Patrick Cupka (who some of you may remember from the Quake community as the sole proprietor of the popular web site The Void), BerryBots is described as a game designed primarily for the Raspberry Pi that teaches players the basics of programming. The game caters to novice programmers by letting them program a ship that moves around a simple stage, sees gameplay events, and shoots at other ships. Since the ship API and game rules are simple and straight forward, it's easy to get started in just a few minutes.

The stage portion of the game is configured and controlled by a program, so the gameplay on every stage is different. Sample stages include mazes, jousting, a race track, several classic arcade style games, and a few battle stages. Players can customize these stages to their liking using the stage API. The ships and stages in BerryBots are written in Lua. BerryBots is currently available for the Raspberry Pi, Mac, and Linux.

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