Super Meat Boy Galaxy Creator Holds Game Prototype ‘Hostage’ For Charity Drive

Team Meat co-founder and Super Meat Boy co-creator Aubrey Hesselgren announced that he is holding the 3D prototype of Super Meat Boy Galaxy "hostage" in an attempt to raise 10,000 British pounds for depression-focused charity The Samiritans. He made his announcement (demands?) on the web site Just Giving. If the goal is met Hesselgren will release the the 3D Super Meat Boy Galaxy prototype to the public and if it fails he'll offer it only to those who were kind enough to donate.

Hesselgren also mentioned on Twitter that he may just release the game regardless of the outcome, noting that he wasn't very good at this whole ransom thing:

"I'm the worst ransomer ever," he said.

"Bear in mind that this is a prototype, and as such will not be as friendly and polished as a final game," he added. "Its main purpose was to investigate whether Super Meat Boy's kinaesthetically pleasing platforming physics could survive the leap to 3D, given the right camera and level layouts."

Of course our readers will donate because they are all great people with big hearts who also belive in indie developers… Find out more here.

Source: PC Gamer

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