Israel Defence Forces Accused of Gamifying Gaza Conflict With Web Game

Apparently Israel Defence Forces have decided to "gamify" their website to encourage viewers to promote the content, using a virtual game that awards visitors with badges and points for sharing pages through other social media sites. The gamification of the site actually happened way back in July but had a spotlight shined upon it today in this GameSpot Australia report.

The game, IDF Ranks: The Virtual Army Game, seems to focus on Israel's conflict with the Hamas over the Gaza Strip and aims to make viewers "a virtual part of the IDF." The button to participate in the game is next to a button labeled "Rocket Counter," which notes the number of rockets that have hit Israel in the past year.

The game has been criticized for promoting the Gaza conflict, particularly in light of what is going on now in the region between Israel and Hamas.

"Israel is trying to enlist the people of the world in its campaign with military ranks, badges, and points," noted an article in ReadWrite last week. "Innocent people are dying on all sides, and the IDF wants to reward people for tweeting about it. Israel has gamified war."

An IDF spokesperson told ReadWrite that it does not see the web site game as "gamification of the Gaza Strip conflict."

You can judge for yourselves here.

Source: Polygon

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