Netflix Fixes Problem with Using ‘@’ in Wii U App

After a few days of not being able to use the "@" character in passwords, Netflix has said this morning that the problem is now fixed. The problem relates to the new Netflix app that was launched this weekend alongside the Wii U's retail release in North America. Netflix subscribers that used the "@" character in passwords were forced to change them because the character was not allowed in the Wii U app. Now Netflix says that everything is fixed.

"If you have been unable to sign in to Netflix on your Wii U, the "@" key issue has been fixed!," the company said via its Twitter account.

While the problem likely irritated those that used "@" in their passwords, it's safe to say that Netflix learned a little something about excluding characters that people might use when creating passwords. That's little solace to those that had to change their passwords to use Netflix on Wii U over the course of this week though..

Source: Joystiq


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