Poll: Will Grand Theft Auto 5 Cause a Controversy?

Grand Theft Auto.

You might have heard of it.  You might have even seen the new trailer for it.  Readers of GamePolitics know the series as a controversy magnet.  Over the years people have raised a fuss over how inappropriate it is for kids, how violent it is, how sexual it is, its portrayal of cops, women, and minorities and a host of other things that aren't even in the game!

So, do you think the latest installment, due out next spring, will cause another uproar?  Or are we past such nonsense in a post Brown v. EMA world?

Vote in the poll and let us know how much the game will make parent, politician, and pundit blood boil.  Then (yes, there are multiple steps) expand on your thoughts in the comments section or send us email at SuperPACPodcast@gmail.com.

Once EZK and I recover from our Thanksgiving food comas, we'll start recording episode 30 of the podcast and give this topic a thorough vetting.

And we'll try to keep the belching to a minimum.

"vote label" © Tribalium / Shutterstock. All rights reserved, used with permission.

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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