TorrentFreak Trolls Copyright Troll

Prenda Law is one of the law firms involved in ongoing mass-BitTorrent lawsuits in the US. They represent a number of adult entertainment companies, but their tactics are so repulsive and rude that they stand out among the pack of firms around the world hoping to collect settlements from alleged infringers. With the aim of squeezing a settlement from a target the firm has engaged in such behavior as calling people at home urging them to pay up. Since getting a phone call from a law firm discussing the kind of adult entertainment you consume might be ultra embarrassing some could consider it a mild way of engaging in extortion.

So it's pretty funny that TorrentFreak uncovered the fact that the firm was using one of its articles to threaten alleged infringers in letters (read a PDF of one here).

"So, when we learned that the law firm is using one of our articles to threaten and scare Internet account holders we were not happy, to say the least," reads an article on the site detailing what they did. "As might be expected from Prenda the letter in question references the most outrageous judgments, but without proper context."

So, since the letter linked to a TorrentFreak article, they decided to change it to help those being threatened. Now the link, found here, offers visitors links to attorneys who are familiar with these kinds of lawsuits, and links to other useful resources.

Source: TorrentFreak

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