Author Asks Kickstarter Community to Fund Kickstarter Reward to Write ‘Elite Dangerous’ Fiction

In a weird, odd twist a Kickstarter campaign has been started to fund a donation to another Kickstarter campaign. While that is pretty much the length and breadth of British author Drew Wagar's appeal to the Kickstarter community, there's a little more to it than that.

Wagar's appeal relates to the £4,500 reward for Frontier Development's Elite Dangerous Kickstarter, which aims to create a modern revision of the game. The reward tier gives the person willing to pay £4,500 the rights to write a "one piece of fiction set in the Elite: Dangerous world, and (subject to reasonable approval of the content) release it commercially, without paying Frontier further royalties, independently of the game."

Cambridge, England-based Frontier is asking the Kickstarter community for £1.25 million to develop the game.

In his appeal to the community, Wagar lays out his plan on his Kickstarter campaign page:

"I want to write an official Novel set in the Elite universe. The working title is ‘Elite: Reclamation’. It's going to be a full length story – I reckon on between 70-90k words. That's 250-350 pages. Meaty, something to really get stuck into!

In order to do this I need to be able to pledge £4,500 to the Elite: Dangerous project. Unless I can do that I can't get the official license, and the novel is a non-starter."

As of this writing, Wagar's Kickstarter has managed to raise £2,751 of his £4,500 goal from 133 backers, with 38 more days to go.

Source: CVG

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