GamesAid eBay Store Offers Hundreds of Goods to Raise Money for Charity

UK-based games industry charity GamesAid is calling for contributions to expand its store offerings on eBay. Since its launch in June of 2009, GamesAid's eBay store has managed to raise an impressive £113,417.88 for charity. The charity hopes to make that number grow by leaps and bounds during the holiday season – with your help.

The GamesAid eBay store currently offers hundreds of game-related items that you can buy that go directly to the charitable organization. They in turn take that money and give it to worthy charities in the UK. Those who want to help GamesAid out further can also ship game related goods straight to GamesAid at the following address:

Attn Gary Winter
C/O The Producers
2 Stonehill, Stukeley Meadows,
Huntingdon, Cambs,
PE29 6ED

"This is the easiest way for games companies to raise money for GamesAid,” said GamesAid rep. Andy Payne. "Any company can simply send us their unused games merchandise and it will be sold off via eBay to raise money. All monies raised are then distributed to the charities nominated by GamesAid members at the end of each year."

Source: GamesAid

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