Steam Hits Six Million Concurrent User Milestone

November 26, 2012 -

Valve's digital distribution platform Steam has hit a major milestone, according to data found on the service's statisitics page. According to the data found there Steam recorded a record 6 million concurrent users over the weekend - up from the last record of five million concurrent users in January of this year. The exact peak simultaneous user figure was 6,046,314 at around noon we assume PT) on November 25.

Steam currently has a user base of around 40 million worldwide and offers approximately 1800 PC titles. The company is currently working hard on Big Picture Mode for the service, which allows users to use their high definition television set to play Steam games. They are also pushing hard to make the service flawless on the Linux operating system... The Linux version of the Steam client is currently in closed beta.

Source: GameSpot


Re: Steam Hits Six Million Concurrent User Milestone

And cue the EA spin doctors talking about how that's not good.

---You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.
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