How Capcom's 'Remember Me' Challenges the Popularity of the White Male Protagonist Stereotype

November 27, 2012 -

In line with a story we published earlier this morning, Computer and Videogames highlights some excerpts from an interview with Jean-Maxime Moris, the co-founder of Paris studio Dontnod. Dontnod is the studio behind Capcom's upcoming action title Remember Me, which features a mixed-race female star as its protagonist. Moris, who serves as the lead designer on the game, tells the publication that there are more things to consider than target markets when designing lead characters.

"We wanted [Remember Me lead] Nilin to stand out," he said. "I think these sort of issues become self-fulfilling prophesies; people saying that only white males sell so then everyone only does white males. If you start believing these things you get your head inside this cold marketing strategy that you cannot get your head around. It becomes a pretty fucking racist and misogynistic way of thinking about lead characters."

Ultimately Moris says that publishers were eager to sign the game when it was debuted at Gamescom 2011 - after its deal for the game with Sony fell through.

"The deal with Sony ended early 2011, so that year I went to Gamescom with a teaser [trailer], concept art and a speech. The idea was to create some excitement amongst journalists, which creates a feedback loop and catches the attention of publishers. Our goal was to get a publishing deal by the end of the year, and by the time we signed with Capcom we had four publishing deals on the table."

The full interview can be found here.

Source: CVG


Re: How Capcom's 'Remember Me' Challenges the Popularity of ...

As said by TotalBiscuit on the 6th, while there is certainly some stereotypes going on, Remember Me isn't breaking new ground as Ms. Moris claims. Lara Croft, Konoko (Oni) and Faith (Mirror's Edge) do predate Remember Me in this concept as a few examples.

Granted it's nice seeing more diverse protagonists coming out of the woodwork, but to claim that they're breaking new ground in this is at best misinformed.

Re: How Capcom's 'Remember Me' Challenges the Popularity of ...


Re: How Capcom's 'Remember Me' Challenges the Popularity of ...

Ding, another misuse of the word 'misogynistic'. Not implying anything else, just saying, it's sexist, not misogynist.

On the subject of the game itself, it has some nice artwork. I'm interested, so far.

Re: How Capcom's 'Remember Me' Challenges the Popularity of ...

How I long for the day when this would not be newsworthy.

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