Pixel Academy Seeks Funding to Continue Teaching Children Video Game Design and More in NYC

Pixel Academy, a New York City-based company founded by former Lead Game Designer at Nickelodeon (Mike Fischtha) has been conducting workshops for children ages 8-12 all over the city at locations such as homes and public libraries. These workshops teach children video game design, 3D printing, Arduino fashion design, and other fun technology based courses. Founder Mike Fischtha served as Senior Game Designer at Nickelodeon and as Lead Designer of Nicktropolis, a popular children's virtual worlds, which maintained a user-base of over 7 million users.

Fischtha and his small team of dedicated instructors have enjoyed teaching children technology-based fun, but now the group wants to settle into their own space. To that end they have launched a crowd funding campaign via Fundable with the goal of raising $20,000. They'll use the money to settle into a permanent space where children can come after school to learn about video games, 3D printing and other fun stuff.

Backers have lots of reward options too, but the most important ones let them sponsor a child to learn some important skills.

So far the campaign has raised approximately $1,800 of its $20,00 goal. Given all the good they do for NYC, it would be nice to see this project find a more permanent place to continue their good deeds for the children there. You can get involved by visiting www.fundable.com/pixel-academy. You can also check out a pitch video to your left.

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