Twitter Hashtag Highlights Sexism in Games Industry

Kotaku has a short article chronicling the Twitter hashtag #1reasonwhy, which has served as a rallying point over the last 24 hours or so on what women in both the video games industry and their female counterparts in games journalism have to put up with and why there are not as many women in both fields.

Thousands of tweets detail how working in the industry with male co-workers is more challenging than it should be and how feedback from female developers is often pigeonholed in terms of "being too bitchy" not understanding the "male demographic" and more. The hashtag highlights how male co-workers and bosses seem to be out of touch with the fact that the industry and the world is changing when it comes to gender, a growing female demographic of gamers worldwide, and that it is no longer the 1960's where women can be told to "be a dear and go fetch a cup of coffee."

You can check out the hashtag here.

And while we highlight the Kotaku story, some in the community have criticized the user commentary over there for engaging in the antiquated thinking and opinions that the hashtag is fighting against…

Source: Kotaku

Image of Jane McGonigal, one of the most recognized women in the games industry and the author of "Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World." Taken from Facebook.



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