Far Cry 3 PC Gets Launch-Day Update

November 29, 2012 -

Ubisoft says that when Far Cry 3 is released on PC in Europe and North America, players will have to download what they categorize as a "critical" day-one patch for the game. The version 1.01 patch fixes a number of single and multiplayer bugs, promises improved stability and performance in multiplayer, adds options to the game's online leaderboard, fixes a voice chat issue that mutes players by default, fixes graphical issues on loading screen hints, and a bug that prevents maps from showing up the first time a user enters Public co-op play. The patch also deals with flare gun kills not being considered assist kills and a problem with health regeneration options.

For a full rundown of what this patch fixes, check out the official Far Cry 3 web site.

Source: GameSpot


Re: Far Cry 3 PC Gets Launch-Day Update

Pfft! Is this how they're going to do DRM now? Ship a non-functional game and require us to download a patch to get it working?


"Paste superficially profound, but utterly meaningless quotation here."

Re: Far Cry 3 PC Gets Launch-Day Update

Don't worry, it still got the nasty Uplay DRM as well..

Re: Far Cry 3 PC Gets Launch-Day Update

Biscuits and gravy, Ubisoft.  Here's a thought: finish the game before you release it.


Andrew Eisen

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