Mojang Considering Monthly Subscription Fee for Multiverse Mode in 0x10c

Recently Mojang co-founder Markus "Notch" Persson said that he was considering the possibility of charging a monthly fee for one game mode in his upcoming space-themed game 0x10c. The game will offer three modes, two of which would be free to play without a fee: Single Player and Multiplayer online or via LAN.

The third mode, Multiverse, is where Notch is still trying to figure out if a small fee should be charged by users who want to use it. The reason for charging a fee? The Multiverse mode would be an MMO style sort of play connecting thousands of users together on servers hosted by Mojang. Since each ship would require a generator to run, Notch is considering a fee on that.

On the plus side, only one person would have to pay that fee to run a ship but they would have the ability to invite other players onto their ship as a crew.

Notch also explained how constructing a ship might work in the game. Players will likely build a ship's external features first, and then organize various vital ship components inside for different layouts and options. Notch also said that the game will offer a mining component that players will use to gather resources to use as parts, but it will not work like it does in Minecraft.

Source: Joystiq

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