Sega Targets ‘Shining Force’ Videos on YouTube

According to this Reddit thread Sega has been forcing YouTube users to remove videos relating to the Sega Saturn hit strategy RPG Shining Force III. Many are speculating that Sega is doing this to prepare for the launch of a new PSP installment in the Shining series, Shining Ark, which will launch in Japan in February.

But whatever the reasoning behind the takedowns, Sega has angered a lot of fans who just want to share clips from one of their favorite classic video games. In fact some YouTube users are taking down more than just Shining Force III videos. Popular YouTube video game critic TotalBiscuit has decided to remove all Sega content from his page in protest.

Apparently Sega is targeting all kinds of content including "Let's Plays," walkthroughs, and random gameplay clips. Even videos of fans talking about the Shining series with no game footage have been flagged by Sega for copyright violations…

Source: Destructoid

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