Fable II Disappears from Xbox Live Marketplace

If you are looking to buy Fable II on Xbox Live, then you might be out of luck – at least for a little while. Apparently Microsoft has pulled the game from its Xbox Live marketplace. The game is no longer available through the Games on Demand service on Xbox Live or via Xbox.com. And while those who have previously purchased the game can still find it in the download histories, they get an error if they attempt to download it again (for example, if you deleted it after purchase and wanted to download and play it again, you can't).

The game is still playable for those who have it installed on their hard drive or flash drive and the Knothole Island and See The Future expansions remain available for download.

Microsoft and Lionhead have not publicly commented on the disappearance of Fable II from Xbox Live, but when we hear more we'll update this story.

Source: GameSpot

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