First OUYA Consoles Shipping Dec. 28

Android-based OUYA console will soon be in the hands of the public – or at least that part of the public that wants to develop software for the platform. The OUYA will ship out beginning on December 28 to those who backed the Kickstarter and will arrive to supporters shortly thereafter.

The first run of the OUYA being shipped out on Dec. 28 are being called developer units, but the full consumer versions being released later on down the road will also allow for the development of software. The OUYA blog notes that the very first consoles will have some extra goodies, and a revised version of the Android Jellybean operating system optimized for big screens. On December 25, those who ordered the console will also get a link to activate their account and gain their preferred usernames. Backers will get the preferred username first if someone else who is not a backer claims it.

Those game developers who didn't sign up for first run of the console will be able to use a web portal to download the system's development kit, design games or software, and upload it to the OUYA service.

Source: Shacknews, image via OUYA blog.

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