Fitness MMO Company Gets Seed Funding from BVM Capital

BVM Capital announced that it has made a seed round investment in health and fitness gaming company Fitness Interactive Experience (FIX). FIX is dedicated to making fitness and health fun, accessible and socially connected using massively multiplayer online games.

FIX is currently developing an interactive social media platform. The company's first game is called UtiliFIT, and is focused on helping people "reduce sedentary behavior and live more active, energetic lives." FIX plans a closed beta test in the coming weeks. BVM’s seed capital investment will allow FIX to "add additional product development headcount, allowing for more robust feature development and more rapid product iterations."

"We are delighted that the BVM healthcare venture capital team recognizes the potential of our unique approach and our first product UtiliFIT at this early pre-revenue stage," said Mike Tinney, Founder and CEO of FIX. "Our team’s primary background is in large-scale, interactive, on-line video games, and BVM’s involvement brings us complementary expertise and contacts in key healthcare markets."

"The opportunities for socially connected fitness games such as UtiliFIT to positively influence health behavior on a mass scale are enormous and could be a game changer," said Tim Church, MD, PhD, MPH, Professor of Preventative Medicine at Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University and a member of FIX’s Strategic Advisory Board. "With their deep background in socially connected video games, the FIX team is uniquely positioned to develop interactive on-line games with the potential to generate a level of behavioral change previously only achievable in controlled clinical studies, by making ongoing participation in fitness and health activities engaging and fun."

FIX was founded this year by Mike Tinney, a former executive of EVE Online creator and publisher CCP Games. You can learn more about FIX at


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