CCP Asks EVE Online Players for Help in Creating MOMA Presentation

CCP Games has revealed its plans to explain a typical day in the life of someone in the EVE Online universe as part of being included in The Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection. EVE Online was one of several games selected by MOMA to be on display for most of next year as part of an exhibit the explores and celebrates the history of gaming (more details here).

CCP's problem is that they have to explain EVE Online in 2 – 3 minutes, so they are talking about how it will accomplish this challenging goal in this rather lengthy post on the EVE Online community forums. To do this they are turning to players:

"So we call on you. Let‘s make Sunday, December 9th the most interesting day in the history of New Eden and capture it to be archived forever in the nuclear-apocalypse-proof vaults of the MoMA. Our infographics will display market activity, NPC kills, player kills, jumps and all those metrics that explain how vibrant and alive our world is. The player captured gameplay videos will give it a human face. Whatever you are doing that night, whether it is running plexes, hauling ore, hunting with a small gang in losec, or fighting in a large fleet engagement, we ask that you record it, both video and sound and chatter, upload it and allow us to celebrate it in a montage of New Eden awesomeness. Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to run that massive fleet op you‘ve been planning."

You can find out more about that here.

On a related note, CCP Games has released the latest expansion to the game, EVE Online: Retribution. The 18th expansion to the game adds a number of new features including a bounty hunting system, a reworked Crimewatch system, re-engineered ships to provide more gameplay options for new players and veterans alike, more ship options, a situational music system, several major changes to the user interface, and a whole lot more.

A full list of features can be found on the EVE Online: Retribution feature page.

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