Zynga Puts a Hit Out on Mafia Wars 2

Just a year after it launched, Zynga has pulled the plug on the follow-up to one of the games that made it a household name among Facebook users. According to this The Escapist report, Zynga will shut down Mafia Wars 2 at the end of this year. In a message to players posted on Facebook, Zynga announced that Mafia Wars 2 will shut down.

"We're sorry to inform you that Mafia Wars 2 on Facebook will be shutting down on December 30, 2012," the company wrote. "Thank you for your time in Mafia Wars 2. We look forward to seeing you again in other Zynga games."

Mafia Wars 2 launched in October 2011 and pulls in a meager 20,000 daily active users and 280,000 monthly active users. Compared to Mafia Wars numbers this level of performance is pretty abysmal.. On a related note, Zynga is offering all Mafia Wars 2 players a "one-time, complimentary bonus package" that can be used in its other games – CastleVille, ChefVille, FarmVille 2, YoVille or Mafia Wars.

Source: The Escapist

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