Indie Strategy Game Developers Form Super Group

Three independent game companies have decided to work together to develop and publish independently developed strategy and war games. The Slitherine Group, Ageod, and Matrix Games have merged. The new super group will continue to develop and publish niche war and strategy games online and through other channels. The Slitherine Group released 30 titles in 2012 for a variety of platforms including PC, Mac, PS3, X360 and tablet platforms. Its games include Battle Academy on iPad, Commander- The Great War, Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog for PC, and many others.

"We always keep an eye on opportunities to improve and increase our reach to real gamers," said JD McNeil, Chairman of the Slitherine Group. "Ageod’s core values have always been close to our own and this merger just seemed such a natural step for us all. Together the three companies in the Group are much stronger, we are now able to share resources, ideas and plans for the new generation of titles that our audience is crying out for. I am sure our fans will be just as excited by this news as we are."

Ageod will focus on developing its AGE game engine and develop new games for a variety of platforms. The company will continue to operate its current forums and sell its catalogue of games from its existing website.

For more information about The Slitherine Group, check out the company's official web site.


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