SOE's John Smedley has a Message for PlanetSide 2 Cheaters

December 5, 2012 -

Sony Online Entertainment CEO John Smedley wants cheaters to know that he will hunt them down to the ends of the earth and ban them from the recently launched first-person sci-fi online shooter PlanetSide 2. Smedley took to Twitter to let the community know that he will not let cheaters ruin the game for everyone else.

Last week the company warned players that anyone modifying the UI, data and programs that affect Direct X will earn a suspension. This week the company is using much stronger language to emphasize their point. On Twitter Smedley reminded cheaters that they will be banned and encouraged regular players to use the report function in the game to tattle on them.

"Those of you using aimbots are being hunted down and banned," he said. "Remember to use /report. People are being banned left and right."

Smedley added: "We have guys who's [sic] purpose in life is to ban the bad guys and dumbasses that use hacking tools."

Smedley went on to highlight a particular cheating player:

"Haruhi at was just banned," he said. "All three of his accounts. Goodbye, you scumbag. Find a new hobby or get good at the game."

Smedley later warned: "We don't need to cross reference anything. Use it.. we'll find you. we'll find your family. we'll hunt you down."

Strong words perhaps, but cheating in an online game is a pretty grievous offense - probably not grievous enough to have the SOE "find your family," but wicked behavior nonetheless....

Source: Polygon


Re: SOE's John Smedley has a Message for PlanetSide 2 Cheaters

And two days from now will be the retraction, just like Halo 4's permabanning for sexism.

--- With the first link, the chain is forged.

Re: SOE's John Smedley has a Message for PlanetSide 2 Cheaters

It's possible, but unlikely. I mean, this is the CEO of the company who's been quoted here. It's not as though Steve Ballmer was the who said that anyone who screamed racial slurs during Halo 4 multiplayer would get an Xbox Live permaban.

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