Time Warner Rolling Out Metered Broadband Plan Option to All U.S. Customers

Time Warner Cable announced that it will bring its metered broadband offer nationwide, leaving many consumers with an inkling of common sense to ask the question: "Why?" The Time Warner broadband plan, called "Internet Essentials," gives a meager $5 discount to subscribers willing to stay below a 5 GB data cap each month.

The catch is that if you go over that data cap you'll pay Time Warner $1/GB up to a maximum of $25 in a month. This is a great plan for anyone who checks their email and occasionally surfs the web, but for the rest of us who use media services such as Netflix, watch videos on YouTube or play video games online, this is probably the worst possible deal out there.

Thankfully Time Warner Cable says it will not be doing away with its unlimited Internet access plans currently available to all of its customers; it just wants to provide Essentials as a low-cost option.

Source: Consumerist

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