Facebook Puts New Restrictions on Game Developers

Facebook is changing the rules on what developers can and can't have access to when they develop games for its platform. The new policy changes on dating sharing, access to Facebook features, and pushing users to third-party websites are designed to force game developers like Zynga (who have their own web portal for games) to actually create content for Facebook. From the Facebook Guidelines:

"a. Desktop web games off of Facebook.com may only use Facebook Login (Authentication, excluding user connections such as friend list), Social Plugins and publishing (e.g., Feed Dialog, Stream Publish, or Open Graph). When authenticating, these games may not request additional permissions other than age, email, and our Publishing Permissions."

Prior to these changes, developers could access Facebook's open graph from other web-based platforms, once a player logged into Facebook. This would give developers access to features like the Facebook friends lists without actually pushing the user to or being on Facebook. That will no longer be allowed. Facebook is also removing options that allowed developers to push users from the social network to outside websites.

The changes in policy do not apply to non-gaming apps or for mobile apps (iOS, Android, etc.).

Update: An earlier version of this story said that these new policies affected mobile platforms, which was inaccurate and incorrect. We have corrected the story and apologize for the error.

Source: AllThingsD

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