Poll: Should Karaoke Video Games Use Proper Music Notation?

Yeah, I'm late with this week's poll.  Sorry about that.

Being a musician makes me a bit of a music snob.  I think pretty much everything on the radio is crap.  As such, when I try to play karaoke video games, I'm more often than not presented with a song I've never heard which, needless to say, puts me at a significant disadvantage.

See, the problem is, I've never seen a piece of karaoke software that uses proper music notation.  Oh sure, it shows you the lyrics but that doesn't help if you don't know what the melody is.  Heck, even if you have heard the song, you may only be familiar with the chorus and have no Earthly clue how the verses go.

Lyrics aren't enough!  Karaoke games need to communicate the notes and rhythm too!  Players can't be expected to know every song; it's not fair or fun.

I think karaoke games should employ proper music notation.  Gamers like me would be able to play more and those who never cared in the first place… still won't.  Heck, if Guitar Hero and Rock Band can inspire a few gamers to learn to play guitar, bass, or drums, maybe properly notated karaoke games could prompt a few to learn to read music.

But what do you think?  Vote in the poll and sound off in the comments section.  Is this a change you'd like to see?  Do you have a better method for communicating a song's melody?  Let us know and we'll talk all about it on next week's podcast.

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-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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