Microsoft Investigating Issue with Halo 4 Season Pass Holders and the Crimson Map Pack

Microsoft has indicated to the Xbox 360 community that it is aware of problems with Halo 4 season pass holders not being able to download the Crimson Map Pack that was released today. The company says that it is investigating the cause of this and working on a solution. Instead of being able to simply download the Crimson Map Pack, season pass holders are being asked to pay 800 MS Points prior to download. The season pass costs a flat fee enabling purchasers to grab all the downloadable content upon release for free.

“We are aware of the issue and actively engaged looking for a fix to get you into the fight!” notes the Xbox Live status page.

“Thanks for your patience. Check back in 30 minutes for another update.”

The Halo Waypoint Twitter feed also notes the issue: "We are aware of the issue in which Map Pass and LE owners are not being recognized to download the Crimson Map Pack at no additional cost."

"We are working on the situation now and will provide an update as soon as we have one. We apologize for the inconvenience."

The best advice? Those season pass holders experiencing this issue should exercise some patience so that they don't end up paying for the latest map pack twice…

Source: Eurogamer

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